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The Bacinett Law Offices is experienced to handle all issues in the broad area of family law. These issues range from a simple modification of child support to complicated issues of business evaluations, income available for support, and proving your separate property claims.


While division of the home, the car and the bank accounts is certainly critical, it is important not to overlook retirement accounts. These can be extremely valuable. They are also subject to very specific rules when it comes to division. At the Bacinett Law Offices we have a solid understanding of these rules. With years of experience on our side, we know how to handle the division of all retirement benefits in your marital estate.

Retirement Benefits Are Subject to Division

Any contribution to a retirement plan, pension plan or any similar plan during the years of marriage is considered community property. This includes funds contributed by the employee and funds contributed by the employer. These accounts are subject to division, which catches many people by surprise during the divorce process.

“Mr. Bacinett was very helpful in handling my divorce.  It was complicated and took a while but the divorce was finalized to my satisfaction.  We would recommend this attorney especially if your legal needs are comprehensive.”

Doug M (Yelp Review), Family Law Client


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